The national team of Kazakhstan on hockey lost the fifth match in a row at the World Championship

The national team of Kazakhstan lost to the team of Slovakia in the match of the fifth round of the group stage of the World Hockey Championship, which takes place in Finland.
Group A meeting in Helsinki ended with the score 4:3 (1:2, 3:0, 1:0) in favor of the Slovaks. Andriy Kollar (13th minute), Martin Fegervary (30), Adam Liska (34) and Juraj Słafkowski (35, bullet) scored goals among the winners. Kirill Panyukov (16, 44) scored a double for the losers, Dmitry Shevchenko (18) scored another goal.
The Kazakh national team has not managed to win a single victory in five matches of the World Cup and, without scoring points, takes the last, eighth place in the standings of group A. The Slovaks with 6 points have risen to the fifth line. In the next match, on May 22, Kazakhstanis will play against the German team, the Slovakian team will meet with the Italians a day earlier.
In the group B match, the Latvian team in shootouts defeated the Austrian team (4:3). In the table, the Latvians are fifth (5 points), the Austrians are seventh (4).
The World Championship will end on May 29th. The national teams of Russia and Belarus miss the tournament due to the sanctions of the International Ice Hockey Federation. The place of the Russian team was taken by the French team, the Belarusians were replaced by the Austrians.
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