Pochettino does not see Mbappe’s hand in his farewell

Couldn’t do anything worth remembering in a season and a half at PSG. Messi, Neymar could not tie the team made with Mbappe together. Only the league won the title.

But Messi-Neymar’s adorable team was unsuccessful in the Champions League. Messi-Neymar were unbelievably eliminated after losing against Real Madrid. Many people think that not winning the Champions League is Pochettino’s fault.

As a result, despite having a contract with PSG until June 2023, his farewell bell rang early. There were rumours, there was another reason behind his exit besides failure in the Champions League. And that reason’s name is Kylian Mbappé.
Although Mbappe was supposed to join Real for a long time, the French striker stayed in Paris after responding to an incredible offer from PSG at the last moment.

There were reports in the media that Mbappe will be in control of the entire sports project with the financial agreement. He will be given the power to change the coach, whoever he likes will be brought in, whoever Mbappe doesn’t like, he will be left out! Using this power, Mbappe dismissed Pochettino.

However, Mbappe completely rejected the accusations leveled against him. This time Mbappe’s former mentor Pochettino also agreed with the words of this French striker. Said that Mbappe had no hand in his departure. PSG’s sports project is entirely under the control of Mbappe, he does not accept this.

In an interview with Argentinian media outlet Infobey, Pochettino said, ‘I think PSG did everything they could to keep him (Mbappe) and I agree with that. He is one of the best footballers in the world, PSG could afford to keep him. But I don’t think Mbappé arranged the whole football project of PSG, (which I was not part of).’

In his farewell, Pochettino pointed the finger at the PSG president, ‘who takes care of the whole thing; In this case, the president thought that a new project was needed for the good of the club.

Pochettino himself is Argentine. Argentine captain Lionel Messi played under him. Although the chemistry of these two Argentines is not as expected, Messi is still the best footballer in the world in Pochettino’s eyes.

Like other Argentines, his expectation is that Messi will win the next World Cup title, ‘even at this age he is physically fit, which is quite unimaginable. I think he has the strength and ability to give Argentina a great result at the World Cup. I feel lucky to spend countless moments with Leo during this time. Thanks to football.’

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